United Nations accepts India’s claim of Dawood Ibrahim residing in Pakistan

United Nations: The United Nations (UN) has confirmed that Dawood Ibrahim, the notorious international smuggler and the mastermind of the 1992 Mumbai serial bomb blasts, is residing in Pakistan. The evidences submitted by India against Dawood included nine addresses. Out of these addresses, the UN Committee disapproved three addresses and removed them from the list. However, the Committee has approved the other six addresses, acknowledging that the notorious trafficker is indeed residing in Pakistan. This has, once again, nailed the lies of Pakistan.


Dawood Ibrahim has been declared an ‘International terrorist’. Several evidences had surfaced earlier about his locations in Pakistan. India has been continuously demanding that Pakistan should hand over Dawood  to India. However, it became clear that the Security Agencies of Pakistan are themselves providing protection and security to Dawood. The US had also pressurized Pakistan regarding this. But notwithstanding this, Pakistan had feigned utter ignorance, denying Dawood’s existence in their country. Some of the Indian news channels could even manage to locate Dawood’s whereabouts. Nevertheless, Pakistan continued to deny this. India had submitted a ‘Dossier’ of evidences against Dawood Ibrahim,  to the ‘IS and Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee’ of the UN Security Council. This ‘dossier’ also included the addresses of Dawood’s locations in Pakistan.

DAWOOD IBRAHIMIt was stated that Dawood keeps on changing his locations frequently and continues to reside at the addresses mentioned in the ‘Dossier’. Therefore, India had submitted its demand to the UN, to take strict action against Dawood.  On 22nd August, the Security Council Committee, after verifying the information on the basis of the UN resolutions of 1999, 2011 and 2015, made some changes in the documents submitted by India. From the list of nine addresses submitted by India, the UN has deleted three addresses, terming them as ‘incorrect’.  But the remaining six addresses have been approved by the committee.It was a globally known fact that Pakistan has always been telling lies about Dawood. But now the UN, by acknowledging that the locations in Pakistan, submitted by India are indeed Dawood’s addresses, has virtually put a seal on Pakistan’s fradulence. It has thus become clear that Pakistan is not only supporting the terrorists, more so  those terrorists who carry out terror attacks in India; but also providing them security. The Indian news channels are giving much footage to this news. However, while giving their reactions to the Indian news channels, Pakistani analysts denied that Dawood Ibrahim is in their country.

Earlier, Pakistan was also vehemently denying the fact that the leader of the Al-Qaida, Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban leader Mullah Omar were in Pakistan. But later, it became clear that these two terrorist leaders were indeed residing in Pakistan. When the world opinion is rallying against terrorism, the Indian claim of Dawood residing in Pakistan stands vindicated, with the UN Committee approving the claim.

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