Israel replies to Hamas rocket attack with air raids

Tel Aviv, Date -3 (Agencies)


Israel launched air strikes on Gaza and targeted many Hamas areas after the rocket attack from Gaza hit Israel. Even though there are no casualties, tension has increased on borderlines. Meanwhile, after Israel’s air strikes Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeah warned that the next war with Israel will be the final one.


As declared by Israel’s news channel, there was a rocket attack on Israel’s Sderot city from southern area of Gaza. This rocket landed on a kindergarten in Israel. Due to the early morning there was no casualty, but nearby buildings were badly hit due to this attack. Till now rockets fired from Gaza have targeted Israel’s roads or open grounds along the border area. But this time rockets aimed at ‘kindergarten’, which whipped up Israel army’s anger.


Even though no organisation has taken responsibility of this attack. Israel’s army has blamed Hamas, a prominent terrorist organisation from Gaza for this attack. Israel’s fighter jets pounded with immediate air strikes in response to this Gaza rocket attack. In this air strike Israel’s fighter jets destroyed four places of Hamas. During the attack Hamas terrorists were not present at the place. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strongly condemned this rocket attack on Sderot.

After Saturday’s tension, in next few hours Hamas chief in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeah addressed his supporters in north of Gaza. At this time Hamas chief Haniyeah hinted at next Gaza War. Hamas is never scared of Israel’s new Defence Minister Avigdor Liberman. Before this Hamas has defeated many big leaders than Liberman, claimed Haniyeah.

Also next war in Gaza will be deciding one, is what Hamas chief said. Haniyeah also said, Hamas terrorists will defeat Israel in next war and will sort out problems. Few days earlier, Israel’s Defence Minister Liberman has warned that in next Gaza war Haniyeah’s regime will be finished off. On this background, Hamas chief might have threatened Israel.

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