Israeli PM warns Hamas of heavy price if tension escalates along the Gaza border

Third World WarJerusalem: ‘Hamas lead violent agitations along the Israel borders near Gaza have led to a situation getting out of hand. Israeli PM warned that Hamas will have to pay a heavy price if tensions further escalate along the Israel-Gaza border.

Since last three months, there has been intense violent agitation along the Israeli border orchestrated by Hamas leaders. Thousands of people from Gaza have participated in the agitation in which 135 people have lost their lives and thousands injured in retaliation actions from Israel, claims Hamas.

Israel, benjamin netanyahu, hamas, gaza borderIsrael claims that Hamas leaders are provoking the protestors to uproot the fence on the Israeli border. Palestinians are losing their lives due to unwarranted provocation and if the tensions are escalated along the border, Hamas would have a pay a heavy price, warns the Israeli Prime Minister.

Prime Minister, Netanyahu drew attention to the fact that Hamas has not achieved anything by provoking agitations against Israel. However, the exact opposite has happened; even the Arab states — or leading states in the Arab world have identified and appreciated Israel’s position.

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