2 ‘ISIS’ supporters arrested, ‘NIA’ investigates in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: As a part of its action plan, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has arrested 2 supporters of the terrorist organisation ‘ISIS’. The Indian investigation agency had tracked a conspiracy hatched by the ISIS to radicalise the Indian youth s with the doctrine of fundamentalism to execute disruption in India. The ‘NIA’ has been entrusted the responsibility to extirpate this conspiracy. As a part of this investigation, the ‘NIA’ has carried out these arrests in Hyderabad.


ISIS, India, NIAAs per the information given by the spokesperson of the investigation agency, Mohammad Abdullah Basith (24) and Mohammad Abdul Qadeer (19) were arrested in this legal action. The news had come to the fore that these 2 were involved in the conspiracy to cause disruption in India by promoting the ideology of fundamentalism followed by the ‘IS’. The ‘NIA’ is investigating this matter since 2016, when they got a clue that the agents of ‘ISIS‘ are working to promote dogmatism in India. In the meantime, a lawsuit has been filed on Adnan Hasan for participating to promote ‘ISIS’ in India.

On further investigating this matter it has come to light that by staying regularly in touch with each other, Adnan and Basith were working to expand the network of ‘ISIS’ in India. In the meantime, to destroy the network of ‘ISIS’, the ‘NIA’ has raided 7 locations in Hyderabad. In these raids, the ‘NIA’ has obtained big explosive details about the conspiracy of the ‘ISIS’. In this, the ‘NIA’ has seized the contents and materials prepared to lure the Indian youth into the trap of fundamentalism. The essential materials from this seize has been sent to the CFSL institution in Hyderabad for further analysis.

Earlier, the ‘ISIS’ had given an open warning to carry out terror activities in India. Post that, the ‘NIA’ had undertaken a huge campaign to destroy the ‘ISIS’ network. Under this act, the ‘NIA’ has taken the ‘ISIS’ supporters into custody by raiding various locations in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. As a part of this same action, the ‘NIA’ has now arrested the ‘ISIS’ supporters in Hyderabad.

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