37 arrested In Jammu & Kashmir for financing terrorists

200 in prison for enquiry in connection with terrorist activities

mehboobaThe security forces have started a striking campaign against the terrorists involved in sabotage in Jammu & Kashmir. It’s because of this campaign that the incidents of terrorists being shot down in encounters have increased in the Kashmir valley. This situation has now begun to weaken the financial channels of the terrorists in the Kashmir valley.


37 persons who were financing the terrorists within Kashmir have been arrested.
The government of Jammu and Kashmir has reported that during the enquiry after the arrest of 37 persons financing the terrorists in Kashmir, along with 37 lac rupees, 900 US dollars and 33 gold coins also have been confiscated. Besides these, 200 people have been taken to prison in connection with terrorist activities. Of these 16 are reported to be foreign citizens.

Gulf and other countries are financing various terrorist groups in Jammu and Kashmir. That most of the finance is supplied via “hawala” system was reported in the Lok sabha last year. And now on Tuesday, the chief minister of J&K, Mehbooba Mufti informed that 37 persons have been arrested in connection with financing terrorism. This issue of financial aid had been raised in the J&K Vidhansabha. In this session, Mehbooba Mufti said that in the last 3 years (till 12th May) efforts were made to weaken the financial channels.

During this time, 17 secret groups (crime syndicates) were enlisted. In 2013, 8 secret groups financing terrorists in Kashmir valley were enlisted. In 2014, 5 groups, in 2015, 3 groups and in this year 1 group was listed. From these groups, 17 persons in 2013, 8 persons in 2015 and 1 person in 2016 have been arrested. During the enquiry carried out to break down the financial supply of the terrorits, 37 lac rupees, 900 US dollars and 33 gold coins have been confiscated, reported Chief minister,Mufti.

Meanwhile, 116 persons found with fake Indian currency notes were arrested. Pakistan is trying to give India a financial shock with fake Indian currency. It is already very clear that fake Indian currency notes that are printed in Pakistan are smuggled to India via the borders in Pakistan, Nepal & Bangladesh. While busting these fake currency rackets, from 2013 till date, 51.15 lac fake rupee notes and 6,970 USD were also found stated Mufti.
She clarified that she did not have any knowledge of other leaders in the valley receiving hawala money.

In addition to this, 209 persons have been arrested for enquiry in connection with terrorist activities. Of these, 169 are local Kashmiri habitants while 4 are from other states and 36 are from foreign countries. Mufti said that in recent years until 30th May, no arrests had been made for aiding terrorism.

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