IAEA alleges Iran’s uranium stockpile is 12 times the limit 

Vienna: In 2015, Iran violated the nuclear deal signed with the western countries. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) accused that Iran has built up a stock of Uranium, 12 times the limit allowed by the nuclear deal. The IAEA claimed in its report that Iran did not have a satisfactory answer to explain the excess stock. Some of the military analysts have warned that these accusations by the IAEA, indicate that Iran is close to creating nuclear weapons.  



Two days ago, the confidential papers given to the member countries by the IAEA, has some shocking revelations regarding Iran. As per the report dated 2nd November, Iran has a stock of 2,442.7 Kilograms of enriched Uranium. On 25th August, Iran had a stock of 21,016.44 Kilograms of the concerned Uranium. Therefore, the IAEA has pointed out that the Uranium stock with Iran has increased over the last two and a half months. As per the nuclear deal signed with the United States and its allies, Iran was allowed to have enriched Uranium stocks of only 202.7 Kilograms. Therefore, the IAEA accused that, the Iranian stock of Uranium is 12 times the allowed limit.   

Other than this, Iran has continued working on Uranium, in violation of the provisions in the nuclear deal. The report also infers that the explanations submitted by Iran, regarding the questions being raised at the international level, were not satisfactory. The agency criticised that Iran explanation for the accusation that Iran has stored nuclear equipment at some secret locations was not satisfactory. The report also accuses that Iran is hiding certain information, regarding the nuclear projects, from the agency. The report of the IAEA has been given to all the signatories of the nuclear deal. Iran has dismissed all these accusations made in the IAEA report. But Saudi Arabia has expressed concerns over the IAEA report and has appealed to the international community to unite against Iran.   

Meanwhile, with Biden winning the Presidential race, there is a possibility that the United States will sign a new nuclear deal with Iran. Iran convinced about this, had threatened the Middle Eastern countries. But this IAEA report can spell trouble for Iran. There is also a possibility of the stand of the Arab-Gulf countries along with Israel, becoming more aggressive against the Iranian nuclear program. 

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