China builds tunnel in the Ladakh border area

Ladakh: Spokesman of the Chinese defence ministry claimed that the military relations between India and China have been improving owing to the efforts taken by the leaders of state of both the countries.’ While these reports were making rounds, a shocking revelation that China has started building tunnels in the disputed Ladakh border area has come to light. The report also claims that the Indian soldiers patrolling the area were intercepted by the Chinese military.

The Chinese military has been challenging India by intruding into India. But this time, the Chinese military has been preparing for a more extended stay by building tents in the Pangong Lake area. The Chinese army is reportedly building underground tunnels at this location. After noticing this, the Indian soldiers have started patrols in this region. But it is claimed that the Chinese military has prevented Indian soldiers from patrolling this area. Therefore, the tension in the Ladakh region could escalate, is a distinct possibility expressed.

China builds tunnel in the Ladakh border areaThe Chinese defence ministry spokesman, only this Wednesday, claimed that the military cooperation between India and China is improving. The political leadership of both countries have taken efforts for the improvement. The efforts have been successful, and discussions have started on the military level between both the countries. Wu Kian, the spokesman of the Chinese defence ministry, expressed confidence that the positive effects will undoubtedly emerge from the policy level talks which started between India and China and will improve the situation at the border.

While China makes claims of cooperation, reports regarding the building of underground tunnels, in the Ladakh sector are being received at the other end. The Indian military chief had clarified that the Indian military is keeping a close eye on the Chinese activities. India is implementing infrastructural projects on the nearly 3,488-kilometre long, Indo-China border to facilitate rapid movements of the security forces. China has time and again objected to these development projects. China had warned that this issue would not be beneficial for bilateral relations.

Against this background, the activities of the Chinese military near Pangong Lake are giving different indications. Before this, in 2017, there had been a standoff for 73 days between the Indian and the Chinese military at Doklam near the India-China-Bhutan border. China had to retreat because of the strong position adopted by India. Even the western world had praised the Indian stand. At the same time, western analysts had warned that a country like China will be dying to avenge and that India should be alert and cautious.

The Chinese activities in Ladakh could be a part of the anti-India conspiracy. This could be new Chinese war strategy to take advantage of the Indian situation because of the conflict with Pakistan along the Line of Control. But the Indian military is fully aware of the Chinese tactics and the Indian military officials have clarified the same, time and again. Therefore, a quick reaction is expected from India regarding Chinese activities.

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