India will target ‘CPEC’, worries Pakistan

Islamabad: There are fears in Pakistan that India will attack the ‘China Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC). India has objected to the project, passing through the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, as a violation of the sovereignty of India. But, Pakistan seems to be accusing India, claiming that the safety of the project is under threat from India.


india, pakistan, cpecThis news report appeared in a leading daily in Pakistan. The Gilgit-Baltistan Home Secretary, Jawad Akram in one of his letters, has expressed concern that India will target the CPEC project. He has claimed in his letter that India has sent 400 youths to Afghanistan for being trained to attack the CPEC. The youths are being trained to attack the bridge on the ‘Karakoram’ highway and other important roads, said Jawad Akram.

Jawad Akram also informed that a few suspicious people have been detained in his region. The Pakistan daily has stated in it report that the security for the CPEC has been tightened. Pakistan has levelled serious allegations against India regarding the CPEC even in the past.

The officials in the Pakistani army had claimed that India wants to blow-up the project and also said that the Indian intelligence agency has created a special branch for this purpose. These accusations by the Pakistan leaders and the army officials were dismissed by China itself. The Chinese foreign ministry had said that India is not a participant in the CPEC, but, it is not plotting against it. There is a negative public opinion about the CPEC in Pakistan itself. Except Punjab, the states of Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkwa are opposed to the CPEC.

It has been claimed that China is investing more than 46 billion dollars in Pakistan, for this project. The Pakistan analysts are stating that this investment is a loan taken at higher interest rates.

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