India slams Turkey for commenting on Kashmir

New Delhi: India strongly attacked Turkey who raised the Kashmir issue in the United Nations. India warned that Turkey, which is preaching human rights to others, should first practice it. India reminded that Turkey acquired a part of Cyprus and denied the basic rights to the local population.

India slams Turkey for commenting on KashmirTurkey is siding Pakistan over the Kashmir issue, and since the last few months, Turkey is making aggressive statements against India. Turkey registered an objection in the human rights conference that India is trampling human rights in Jammu and Kashmir. Seema Pujani, the Indian Second Secretary, gave a muzzling reply to the Turkish commentary.

Seema Pujani warned in the ‘Right to Reply’ to the Turkish criticism, ‘Turkey acquired a part of Cyprus and trampled the human rights of the population in this part. Turkey needs to pay more attention to this issue. Before preaching it to other countries, Turkey should practice human rights first.’ With this, Pujani showed a mirror to Turkey, which was criticising India. Pujani pointed out with examples that Pakistan is violating human rights by targeting journalists and human rights activists.

Human rights activist Gulalai Ismail is currently in the United States, and her father has been charged with terrorism by Pakistan. Whereas journalist Idris Khattak published reports inconvenient to the Pakistan agencies, and he disappeared thereafter. Pujani retorted that both these throw light on the human rights situation in Pakistan.

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