The Indian decision regarding Jammu-Kashmir justified, Foreign Minister S.Jaishankar

Washington: Indian Foreign Minister S.Jaishankar, presented the Indian position in a strong words, saying, “Pakistan is painting apocalyptic scenarios about Kashmir, following the withdrawal of Article 370. Pakistan has even issued warnings of a nuclear war. Pakistan is an irresponsible country and such behaviour is expected from Pakistan. However, the Indian decision regarding Jammu-Kashmir is completely justified. This decision was pending for a long time.” Foreign Minister Jaishankar was addressing a renowned study group in the United States.

The situation in Jammu-Kashmir is under control. Some restrictions have been currently imposed but for security reasons. However, Pakistan will never accept that normalcy is restored. Therefore, it threatens bloodshed and destruction. Jaishankar made a crushing criticism that Pakistan has been playing these game plans for the last 70 years. Jaishankar attacked the destructive Pakistani policies in his speech at the Heritage Foundation, a renowned study group in the United states.

The Indian decision regarding Jammu-Kashmir justified, Foreign Minister S.JaishankarToday Pakistan is speaking a language of starting a nuclear war for Kashmir. But it is not that Pakistan is speaking this language of bloodshed and destruction, only after the withdrawal of article 370. Pakistan has this policy ever since Jammu-Kashmir was annexed to India. Jaishankar pinpointed the belligerence of Pakistan saying that it goes to show how irresponsible Pakistan is, who speaks about a nuclear war. But India is having a very patient outlook regarding Jammu-Kashmir. Foreign Minister Jaishankar said that India has been waiting since the last 70 years, for withdrawal of this article. Jaishankar also made an aggressive statement that the Pakistan occupied Kashmir also will soon be under the Indian jurisdiction. Jaishankar comprehensively answered the scathing questions asked in this regard.

India has always said that the Pakistan’s occupation of a part of Kashmir is illegal, and it is an Indian territory. Jaishankar clarified that therefore, it is not an overstatement, that one day or the other it will come under the Indian jurisdiction. Jaishankar asserted that there was no doubt in his mind that this will happen.

Meanwhile, Jaishankar assured that India, the largest democracy in the world, can act as a bridge between the developed western countries and the developing countries.

At the same time, Jaishankar clarified that India believed in sorting out all the issues with China through bilateral negotiations and discussions. Foreign Minister Jaishankar is visiting the study groups in the United States and presenting the Indian stand on Jammu-Kashmir. Jaishankar also explained regarding the Indian policies and some other important issues.

Jaishankar pointed out that India and Pakistan cannot be compared, India is five times in size compared to Pakistan and will soon become the third largest economy in the world. Jaishankar presented the Indian stand frankly, regarding the weapon systems purchase from Russia. Jaishankar appealed that the United States, expressing displeasure over these purchases, must understand the background of this relationship.

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