India seeks courtship with QUAD; become a negative asset for BRICS, SCO: China’s mouthpiece Global Times

Beijing: While the first meeting of QUAD leaders is being held, China gave a cautious reaction. The Chinese foreign ministry expressed hope that the cooperation between the countries should not be targeted against a third country. But the concerns and restlessness China is feeling regarding QUAD has been expressed through the mouthpiece of the communist Chinese regime. Global Times accused that India, which is taking special interests in QUAD, has become a liability for other organisations like BRICS and SCO. Global Times also commented that tilting towards the United States, India has put its relations with China and Russia in jeopardy.

China has realised that the QUAD, an association of democratic countries, will pose serious challenges to it. Therefore, cooperation between the QUAD countries has made China extremely nervous. It has been vented through the Chinese government mouthpiece ‘Global Times’. ‘China had backed India to host the summit of BRICS, a bloc of countries consisting of India, Russia, China, Brazil and South Africa. India has failed to understand China’s goodwill and upgraded its engagement with QUAD,’ the mouthpiece criticised. In addition, The Global Times asserted that not just in BRICS, but India has also become a negative asset in the Shanghai Cooperation Council (SCO), formed with China’s initiative.

Global Times claimed that India has only two expectations from BRICS and SCO. First is taking a firm stand against terrorism and the second is extracting maximum economic benefits from the member countries. Other than these, India has always denied cooperating with BRICS or SCO, on any other issues. India has made preparations to challenge China by joining QUAD. The Chinese mouthpiece warned that there is a chance that India will lose the sovereignty of its foreign policy because of this.

India had tried to balance its foreign policy. But now it is not the same and India is tilting towards the United States. Global Times warned that destructive effects of this cannot be avoided, on Indian relations with China and Russia. The newspaper accused that India is trying to pose a challenge to China, strengthening its industrial sector, with the help of the United States, Japan and Australia. But India is playing with fire with these actions. The Chinese mouthpiece has predicted that India and not China will be singed in this fire. The claims made by Global Times are exposing the Chinese concerns regarding QUAD. China is well aware that its intentions of dominating the Indo-Pacific sector would very easily be done and dusted because of QUAD. At the same time, during the Coronavirus pandemic, it has become known, to the world, that China who was referred to as the ‘Factory of the World’ cannot be depended on, in the future. Therefore, the world’s leading countries felt that creating other manufacturing bases and an alternative supply chain was mandatory. Japan and Australia have started moving in that direction and have accepted that India is the most reliable supply chain option.

Therefore, the multinational companies having their bases since a long time have started turning to India in China. Therefore, China feels that along with QUAD’s military challenge, this political-economic challenge will be more dangerous for it. Therefore, China attempted to dominate India with an intrusion on the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh to undermine Indian. But the Chinese attempt boomeranged. Now China has started speaking a language of cooperation with India. At the same time, it is issuing warnings and threats to India though the Global Times.

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