Pakistan Army’s appeal to India to join ‘CPEC’

Islamabad : Pakistani Army has invited India to shun its enmity and participate in the  ‘China Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC). India has opposed this project which passes through  Pakistan occupied Kashmir. The people of ‘PoK’ and Baluchistan too are bitterly opposing this project. Due to the  inconsistency in work most of the work relating to this project has been  delayed. China is displeased over this and fears for  its investment in this project. With  this background, Amir Riaz, the Lieutenant General of the Pakistan Army  has sent forth  this proposal  to India.  


Many nations seem desirous to join the ‘CPEC’ project. Along with Iran and Afghanistan, some nations in Central Asia have expressed a keenness to join this project. Lieutenant  General Riaz has invited India to shelve its animosity with Pakistan and join ‘CPEC’ like these nations. India too, can reap the fruits of future development from this project, claims Lieutenant General Riaz. 

lt-gen-aamir-riazThere seems a background to an invitation coming as it does from the top brass of the Pakistan Army, reared on anti India sentiments. 

Only two days back, Zheng Xiaosong, Assistant Minister in the International Department of the Central Committee of China’s ruling Communist Party visited Pakistan. During  this visit, Xiaosong requested that all political parties in Pakistan  should keep their  differences aside  and come together to make this project a success. Though he may  have used mild  words on this occasion,China’s extreme displeasure over the current chaos in Pakistan over the ‘CPEC’ is clearly obvious. China believes that if this situation prevails, the project can never be completed. 

If China backs out of this project, then the relations  between China and Pakistan will not remain friendly as before, indicate analysts in Pakistani. The onus, therefore, is on Pakistan to make the project a success, as the situation is a do or die one for Pakistan. If the project is scraped, Pakistan’s survival would be at stake,  feel some analyst. Hence the efforts to invite  India and  increase the feasibility  of the project  by the Pakistan Army.

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