India demand International Court of Justice to declare Kulbhushan Jadhav trial in Pakistan unlawful

Hague/New Delhi: The trial against Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav by a Pakistani military court fails to satisfy the standards of the International law. India thus demanded the International Court of Justice to declare the process as “unlawful”. Harish Salve, the former Solicitor General is presenting the Indian side of the case in the International Court of Justice. India has slammed Pakistan in the ICJ who charged Jadhav with alleged involvement in espionage and subversive activities.


International-Court-JusticeThe hearing of the Kulbhushan Jadhav case resumed in the International Court of Justice in the city of Hague in Europe on Monday. Pakistan military court had awarded a death penalty to Jadhav, falsely convicting him under the charges of espionage and terrorism. However, Pakistan had rejected the India’s plea to provide legal aid and assistance to Jadhav. Also, Pakistan did not bother paying any heed to the international laws, in the matter. The proceedings were kept under wraps. By releasing a confessional video of Jadhav wherein he is seen accepting his charges, Pakistan claimed vindication. India had pointed out the possibility of obtaining such confession from anyone under detention.

After the Pakistan military court awarded a death sentence to Jadhav, India decided to approach the International court and acting on India’s plea, the ICJ stayed the execution. This case resumed in the international court from Monday again and the hearing would continue for four days. On the first day, Harish Salve quashed all the charges against Jadhav with his strong arguments.

Pakistan completed the proceedings with complete disregard for the International laws and conventions. Salve also pointed out that Pakistan denied Jadhav’s fundamental rights, given by the United Nations rules and did not allow him to receive legal assistance.

Salve said that there is no concrete evidence to support the Pakistani charges, they only reflect emotions. Salve lashed out at the working of the Pakistani systems saying that these irresponsible charges have risk the life of one Indian national. Salve expressed displeasure Pakistan has been using Jadhav’s arrest in Pakistan, for political propaganda against India. While, Salve’s arguments were being praised, the reflection of the India-Pakistan tension was seen in the international court, at Hague. Meanwhile, the Pakistani diplomats present there tried to shake hands with their Indian counterparts. However, maintaining the decorum, the Indian diplomat refused hand shake with Pakistan’s Attorney General Anwar Mansoor Khan and greeted him with namaste.

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