India is Russia’s privileged strategic partner – President Vladimir Putin

Moscow : Russian President Vladimir Putin whilst assuring that India is Russia’s privileged strategic partner, made a mention of the BRAHMOS supersonic missiles and the fifth generation fighter aircraft. Referring to the inclusive cooperation between Russia and India in the defence sector, President Putin promised that this cooperation would continue in the future too. At the same time, he also stated that groups like BRICS, which have been established with the support of cooperating countries like India and China, are also playing a major role in maintaining international stability and an equitable world order.

Vladimir PutinThe Russian President is visiting India for the BRICS conference being held at Goa. This visit is also being considered of vital importance with regard to the cooperation in the defence sector between both the countries. President Putin whilst talking to the Russian and Indian news agencies, even before he started off on his visit, made a special mention of the cooperation in the defence and military sectors between the two countries. Putin commended the relationship with India by stating that, “Russia is one of the leading countries that supplies advanced military arms and equipment, as well as technology to India.”

“Our countries actively collaborate in the military technical field. Russia remains in the lead, both in terms of direct supplies of most advanced weapons and military equipment to India, as well as for the production of goods for military purposes. Russia will maintain the same position in the future too”, Putin said whilst assessing the military cooperation with India. The construction of the BRAHMOS supersonic missile and the development of a new fifth generation fighter aircraft are among the successful joint projects.

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