US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin directs the Pentagon to focus on Chinese threat

Washington/Beijing: – US Secretary of Defence, Lloyd Austin, ordered the US Pentagon to counter the biggest threat to the US national security- China and its military. Kathleen Hicks also endorsed the view and stated that a major chunk of the 2022 defence budget would stop China. It is being said that the statements of Secretary of Defence Austin and Deputy Secretary of Defence Hicks are a part of the directive issued by the US defence department.  


In 2018, the ‘National Defence Policy, which was introduced under the leadership of former President Donald Trump, clearly mentioned the increasing Chinese threat. After that, various reports submitted by the US defence department and intelligence agencies pointed to how the Chinese threat was rising all the time. As a result, the Trump administration had initiated steps for increasing the navy and air force capabilities along with the nuclear capabilities, with an increase in the defence expenditure.   

Against this background, instructions issued by Secretary of Defence Austin to the defence forces become significant. The instructions given by Secretary of Defence Austin are said to result from the reports received from the task force of the defence department. The defence department formed a task force in February and had asked for recommendations. Sources in the defence department said that the recommendation have been submitted to the defence department, and after that, Austin released the statement issuing special instructions.   

Just 24 hours ago, the US Congress passed an independent bill to counter the increasing Chinese influence in the technology sector. However, the subsequent orders issued by the defence department only indicate that the anti-China sentiment is becoming stronger in the US political and military circles. The new instructions issued to the defence department are said to include many new programs, and the information regarding them has been kept confidential.   

As per the new orders, the United States, along with increasing its defence capabilities, will also focus on strengthening the network of the allied and partner countries. The US defence department has presented a budget for $715 billion for the year 2022; US Deputy Secretary of Defence, Kathleen Hicks, said that new plans, have been presented in the defence budget keeping the Chinese threat in view. 

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