There will be ‘hell to pay’ for Iran; threatens US National Security Advisor

Third World WarNew York: “If Iran crosses us, our allies or our partners, if they harm our citizens and continue to lie, cheat and deceive. Yes, there will indeed be hell to pay”, threatened the US National Security Advisor, John Bolton. Against the background of the stern warning issued by the US President to Iran in the UN General Assembly meeting, this threat by Bolton is being viewed very seriously.

Iranian leaders and military officials have been claiming that if the United States attacks Iran or targets the Iranian oil exports Iran will also retaliate by targeting the interests of the United States and its allies. In view of this, the US National Security Advisor, John Bolton issued this threat to Iran. Bolton was speaking in New York at a program organized on the issue of Iran.

Us, UN, john bolton, iran‘The United States is closely watching the Iranian activities. If Iran tries to harm the United States or the US citizens or any US ally, the United States will not be silent. Iran will have hell to pay for its actions. The United States will inflict agonising torture on Iran,’ warned John Bolton.

The function was attended by the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo and the director of the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad Yossi Kohen. While criticising Iran, Secretary of State Pompeo also lashed out at the European Union for supporting Iran. Secretary of State Pompeo said that the European Union was developing a parallel system to bypass the US sanctions and the United States has been disappointed and disturbed due to this fact.

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