Four soldiers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards killed near Pakistan border

Zahedan – Four Revolutionary Guards soldiers were killed in Iran’s Sistan-Baluchestan province. The Iranian news agency blamed a gang of robbers for the incident near the Pakistan border. Although the Revolutionary Guards avoided direct mention, it is claimed that Baloch insurgents were involved in the attack. For decades, the Baloch people on the borders of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan have been demanding an independent Balochistan.


Iran, Pakistan, Revolutionary Guards, Pakistan BorderA vehicle of the Revolutionary Guards was attacked in the town of Khash in the Gonik district of Iran‘s Sistan-Baluchestan province, which borders Pakistan. Four Revolutionary Guards personnel in a military vehicle were killed on the spot in the attack on Karavander road here. Three of these soldiers were of Baloch descent. More details will be released later, Iranian media said.

The Revolutionary Guards and the Iranian media refrained from accusing the Baloch rebels of being behind the attack on their troops. But Baloch rebels, who have been fighting the Iranian regime for decades for an independent Balochistan, are claimed to be responsible for the attack on Iranian soldiers. Clashes between Iran’s security apparatus and the Baloch rebels continue from time to time.

Iran has accused Baloch insurgents of being involved in drug and fuel smuggling. It is claimed that the conflict between the Iranian army and the Baloch insurgents continues. But local Baloch leaders have blamed the Iranian military for cracking down on the Baloch to stifle demands for an independent Balochistan.

Over the past few years, the Iranian regime has reportedly taken systematic action to erase the Baloch identity by dividing Balochistan into smaller parts, removing the Balochi language from the school curriculum, forcing children not to use Baloch names, changing the Baloch names of historical cities, and removing Balochistan from government documents and curricula.

It is claimed that this has led to growing dissatisfaction among the Baloch people against the Iranian regime. As a result, protests against the Iranian monarchy, called by Sunni Arabs in Khuzestan and Kurds in Kurdistan, are gaining support from Baloch groups.

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