First private satellites tested in ISRO ‘Satellite Centre’

Bengaluru: – Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has opened the doors of its Satellite Centre for private operators for the first time. In the 70 years of ISRO history, two satellites developed by a private company will be tested at the ISRO Satellite Centre, in Bengaluru. Till now, ISRO was collaborating with private players only for spares of the satellites and rockets. Last year, the Indian government decided to open the Indian space sector for private players. After that, ISRO allowed the use of its Spaceports for domestic and foreign companies. Against this background, two satellites developed by a private company were tested in the ISRO Satellite Centre.   

isro-satellite-centerThe Indian space sector is expanding rapidly and after the sector was opened up for private investment, many domestic and foreign private companies are coming up with proposals. The union government’s space department has formulated ‘Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre’ (IN-SPACE) for governing the space sector. Companies are submitting their proposals to IN-SPACE. There are many start-up companies among them. Confidence is being expressed that India will play an important role in the International space economy in the future.  

Against this background, ISRO, for the first time, has allowed a private company to use its Satellite Centre. Spacekids India and Pixel were the two satellites, developed by a start-up company, were tested at ISRO’s UR Rao Satellite Centre, in Bengaluru. Last year, in June, ISRO Chairman Dr K. Sivan had announced that IRSO will open its laboratories, testing centre facility and infrastructure for the private operators. This is the first time, the tests are being conducted on private satellites after declaring the ISRO spaceports opening for the private operators.  

Next month, ISRO will be launching a professional satellite using the PSLV socket propellor. This is the first time, ISRO will be professionally launching the satellite of a private start-up company. ISRO also is preparing to launch the Brazilian satellite, Amazonia-1, using the PSLV rocket. A company Skyroute is working on developing a propellor craft, which will also be tested at the ISRO base in Sriharikota by the end of this year. 

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