ISRO will send 3 astronauts in space before 2022, discloses details for first manned space expedition

New Delhi: The Indian ‘Gaganyaan’ will carry three astronauts into space. The mission has been planned for execution, exactly 40 months from today. Two unmanned expeditions will be carried out prior to it as a preparation for this manned space expedition, announced K.Sivan, the Chairman of ISRO.


In his Independence Day speech, Prime Minister Modi had said that the Indian manned space expedition will be successfully completed before the 75th Independence Day in 2022. He had expressed confidence that India will enter the list of countries having completed such missions successfully. ISRO has accepted this challenge, and the preparations for the project have started in full vigour. ISRO announced this first manned space expedition on Tuesday.

ISRO, K sivan, astronauts, space, gaganyaanISRO has been preparing for a manned space expedition since 2004. The work to develop the complex technologies is also underway. However, this was not the primary objective of ISRO. During this time, ISRO’s focus was on the development of communication systems, and projects related to agriculture and weather sector. Sivan clarified that after the Prime Minister’s announcement, the preparations for a time-bound completion of this project were initiated.

The difficult technologies like ‘re-entry mission capability’, ‘Crew Space System’, ‘crew module configuration’, ‘thermal protection system’, ‘subsystem of life and support system’, ‘space suit’ have already been developed by ISRO, clarified Sivan. ISRO is planning to execute the project in the 40th month from today. ISRO, while disclosing the preliminary outline of the manned space mission for the first time, informed that the Indian astronauts would complete a five to seven-day flight into space at a height of 400 kilometres from the earth’s surface.

As a preparation for this manned mission, two uncrewed missions have been planned in the 30th and 36th month respectively declared Sivan. He also said that the GSLV MK3 launcher will be used in the mission. Jitendra Singh, Minister of State for Department of Atomic Energy and Space, informed that the total cost of this manned mission will be ₹100 billion.

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