European countries opposed to the new UK proposal on Brexit, dispute festers over independent British passport

Third World WarLondon: The chaotic situation in the United Kingdom, over Brexit is increasing by the day. The uncertainty in the British policy continues, despite heavy criticism from Europe as well as the rest of the world. Considering the situation, Prime Minister Theresa May has proposed an extension until June 30. However, the European countries have bitterly opposed the proposal, while Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Spain have united on the issue.


Last week, ‘Customs Union’, ‘Common Market 2.0′ ‘Second Referendum’ and ‘Article 50 Revocation’ were the four proposals put forth for voting in the parliament as options for Brexit. Nevertheless, the parliament rejected all four proposals. After that, Prime Minister May proposed the EU for an extension till the 30th of June.

European countries, UK, BrexitThe European countries expressed severe displeasure over the proposal. The leading countries in the EU alleged that the United Kingdom had rejected all the opportunities given by them and no new amendment had been made to the proposal. Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain have formed a separate front on the matter and lashed out at the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, a dispute has risen over the issue of new passports in the United Kingdom, and the mention of the European Union has been omitted from it. As the move was made before the UK’s formal exit from the EU, severe reactions were received over it from various countries along with the United Kingdom.

Looking at the developments in the British parliament, indications of the United Kingdom likely exiting from the EU without any agreement are coming forth. Albeit, the British Cabinet Secretary, Sir Mark Sedwill had warned that if the United Kingdom exited from the EU in this manner, the country would be faced with a very critical situation. Moreover, Sir Sedwill in his letter to all the British parliamentarians had warned that if the United Kingdom were forced to accept the ‘Hard Brexit’ alternative, an anarchy-like situation would surface in the country.

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