Dreadful attack like Pulwama planned by the terrorists fails

Srinagar: It is clear that the explosion in a car, near the CRPF convoyat Banihal in Jammu-Kashmir, was a part of a plan for a dreadful attack similar to Pulwama. This time, the terrorists used a remote-controlled device. Major losses were avoided as the explosion occurred only after the CRPF convoy had passed the location of the explosion. The security forces started a major combing operation in Jammu-Kashmir following this unsuccessful attack.

Dreadful-attack-pulwamaThere was a horrible explosion in a car, near the Jawahar tunnel, on the Jammu-Srinagar highway. The last vehicle of the CRPF convoy was caught in the explosion but did not suffer any major damages. The explosion at the time of passage of the CRPF convoy, created a doubt, that the attempt was similar to the Pulwama attack. As per the initial reports, it was said to be a cylinder explosion. But the investigating agencies were suspicious about the explosion. Therefore, no explanations about the explosion were coming forward. But now it is clear that it was a terror attack and not a cylinder explosion.

The intelligence agencies were repeatedly warning that the terrorists are planning a more dreadful attack than Pulwama. This attack has occurred against that background. A significant counter-terrorism operation has also been launched in Jammu-Kashmir, following the Pulwama attack, and many have been detained in operation. Additional divisions of BSF and CRPF have been deployed for internal security. Therefore, the plans of the terrorist organisations are being foiled.

The terrorist had carried out a suicide attack, driving a vehicle laden with explosives, into the CRPF convoy. But this time, the terrorist organisations used a remote-controlled device, given the beefed-up security. Also, the explosives used in the IED, kept in the car, were the easily accessible materials like Urea, petrol and gas cylinder instead of RDX and Gelatine. But the explosion took place after the CRPF convoy had just passed the location of the car and the explosion was not as strong as expected, as the gas cylinder did not explode. Therefore, the hopes of the terrorists to carry out an attack more dreadful than the Pulwama attacked, were shattered.

NIA also has got involved in the investigation into the attack. Army, CRFP, and Jammu-Kashmir police have initiated a joint operation. The search for the mastermind of the attack is started.  A letter was seized from the location of the blast at Banihal, mentioning the name of Hizbul Mujahidin. But the security agencies have not revealed any information.

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