DRDO develops UV cabinet to sanitise notes and mobile phones

New Delhi: Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), engaged in the development of various equipment, for the fight against Coronavirus, has developed a ‘UV Sanitisation Cabinet’ to sterilise notes, mobile phones, laptops and any such items. This new gadget works on non-contact technology for sterilisation of items.


Research Centre Imarat (RCI), of the DRDO, has developed the Defence Research Ultra Violet Sanitiser (DRUVS). Once Mobiles, laptops, iPad and any such items, are placed in the DRUVS, they are exposed to Ultraviolet radiation from all the sides. The system automatically shuts down once the adequate dosage of radiation, necessary for disinfection, is given. Therefore, there is no need for the operator to wait near the device. DRDO has also developed a ‘Notes Clean’ device to disinfect currency notes, passbook, Cheques, Bills, Challans etc. An entire wad of noted can be disinfected at the same time. It is advised to wash hands and use sanitiser, repeatedly to reduce your exposure to Coronavirus. But the virus can also be passed through the medium of notes, laptops, mobile phones, etc., and these devices developed by the DRDO will prove important for disinfecting these items.

The DRDO has developed various types of equipment during the fight against Coronavirus. Before this, the DRDO had developed Automatic Sanitiser and Ultraviolet Devices. These can disinfect furniture, files and food packets. DRDO has also developed a UV Blaster Tower, for rapid disinfection in the Hot Spot areas. DRDO has also developed testing kits and Personal Sanitisation Enclosures, for personal disinfection.

There is no vaccine available for Coronavirus and therefore taking precautions against it, is the best available option. DRDO is playing a making a vital contribution in this area.

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