Do not play with fire by holding talks with Taiwan; China threatens the US

Beijing/Taipei: – A delegation of former US diplomats has reached Taiwan. China has warned that the United States should immediately stop these illegal talks with Taiwan and stop interfering in the Taiwan issue. China has issued a new threat saying that the United States should stop playing with fire. Moreover, China has warned that it will fly its fighter jets through the Taiwanese airspace to establish its sovereign right.  

china-threaten-usOnly a day ago, 25 Chinese fighter jets intruded into the Taiwanese airspace. The fighter jets immediately retreated to being chased by the Taiwanese fighter jets. But the consistent Chinese intrusion into the Taiwanese limits has become a cause for concern. At the same time now, China is threatening to take over Taiwan with military action. The Biden administration had to take serious cognisance of this matter. US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, warned that the use of military force against Taiwan would prove to be a grave mistake on China’s part. The US Secretary of state also said that the United States was committed to Taiwanese security and passed a verdict that Taiwan could defend itself.   

China is demonstrating again and again that it does not pay any heed to the US warning. But China seems to be fuming on the reports of the delegation of former US diplomats and lawmakers reaching Taiwan. Former Senator Chris Dodd, former US Assistant Secretary of state Richard Armitage and James Steinberg are a part of this delegation. China has threatened that the United States should stop this discussion immediately and stop all the interference in Taiwan; otherwise the bilateral relations between China and the United States will be affected.  

Zhao Lijian, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, reminded the United States that Taiwan is a very sensitive issue for China. Lijian added, hence, the United States should not send inappropriate messages by sending delegations to Taiwan and holding talks. Whereas, Hu Shijin, editor of Chinese mouthpiece, the Global Times, claimed that China would send its fighter jets to the Taiwanese airspace. Shijin said that China would establish its sovereign right through this.  

Shijin warned that if Taiwan attacks these fighter jets, it will be considered a declaration of an all-out war. There is a dense possibility that the claim made by Shijin could be a part of the Chinese attempt to check the level of Taiwanese preparedness for defending itself. Taiwanese Foreign Minister recently announced that Taiwan would fight to the very end if China launched an attack on Taiwan. Whereas the Global Times warned that Taiwan would not be able to withstand the Chinese onslaught. But this Chinese aggression has forced the Biden administration, ignoring the Chinese activities so far, to initiate steps against China to preserve its credibility.   

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