Important discussions between Indian Prime Minister and Russian President

Sochi: Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is on his Russia visit, where he had discussions with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Prime minister Modi claimed that the cooperation between India and Russia has now developed into a special strategic partnership. Prime Minister Modi said that this is a major achievement and expressed great satisfaction about it.


india, narendra modi, russia, vladimir putin, indian prime ministerThe two leaders met at Sochi city in Russia and had an informal discussion this time. The details of this meeting, however, have not been revealed. The discussion between the Indian Prime Minister and the Russian President becomes extremely important, in view of the developments on the international scene. Since last few weeks, the activities of the superpowers like the United States, Russia and China are intensifying and they have been seen taking harsh decisions against each other.

The tension between the United States and Russia has heightened over the Syrian issue. The United States has announced sanctions against the Iranian nuclear deal and has made preparations to impose sanctions against any country that cooperates with Iran. The United States has also warned of imposing sanctions against any country entering defence cooperation with Russia. At the same time, the United States is at a trade war with China. There is a major upheaval at the international level and the picture is that, the same countries allying on one issue are against each other on another issue.

This has created new challenges before all the major countries of the world and a country like India, who gives importance to freedom of foreign policy is facing more intense challenges. Balancing the foreign policy has become an important issue for India. In view of this, the informal talks between the Indian Prime Minister and the Russian President have attracted the attention of the analysts.

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