CPEI identifies three thousand new enemy properties

New Delhi: – It is reported that the union government has identified three thousand new Enemy Properties. This has taken the total number of Enemy Properties identified in the country to 12,426. The government had said that there are 9,404 Enemy Properties registered with the Custodian of Enemy Properties of India (CPEI).  

Last year, a high-level committee had been formed presided over by Home Minister Amit Shah. This committee is working on securing a revenue of ₹ 1 trillion from the sale of these Enemy Properties. Now that there are these additional 3,000 Enemy Properties on the list, the government revenue from these properties’ sale will increase further. Some of these properties are said to be belonging to Chinese citizens. Three years ago, the union government amended the Enemy Properties act. Enemy Properties are the properties left behind by the people before leaving for an enemy country. The government took over the properties left behind by people migrating to Pakistan, even after the 1965 and 1971 wars, under this act. But the act did not have any provision for the sale of these properties. But with the new amendments to the act, the path for sale of these properties has been cleared. Under the same act, there is a provision to acquire properties left behind by the Chinese nationals, who left for China after the 1962 war.

The process of identification, acquisitions and removing encroachments on these properties, left behind by the Pakistani and Chinese nationals, in going on continuously. Till the last year, 9,404 properties had been identified and handed over to CPEI. But as per reports, the number of Enemy Properties under the control of CPEI has increased by nearly 3,000, taking the total number to 12,426.   

The highest number of Enemy Properties are in Uttar Pradesh. West Bengal comes second in the list. Chinese nationals leave behind properties along with the Pakistani nationals in West Bengal. The maximum number of Enemy Properties belonging to the Chinese nationals are in Meghalaya. West Bengal and Assam are next in the number of Chinese Enemy Properties.  

Along with the landed properties, the CPEI also acquired 65 million Shares and Gold and Silver. It is said that the Department of Investment and Public Asset Management earned ₹17.88 billion from the sale of 57.3 million enemy shares till November 2019.   

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