Pakistan and China backed off due to the rock-solid Indian resolve, indicates Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

Kevadia: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh made a suggestive statement that some of the issues are being solved peacefully and amicably due to the rock-solid Indian resolve demonstrated on the border. At the same time, the Defence Minister was all praise for the courage shown by the Indian soldiers on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh, who did not even care for their lives. The Chinese military is withdrawing from the Pangong Lake region. At the same time, the Pakistan military has expressed a willingness to observe the ceasefire completely on the Line of Control. The Defence Minister is indicating that the Indian resolve and capabilities are responsible for these developments.


Pakistan and China backed off due to the rock-solid Indian resolve, indicates Defence Minister Rajnath SinghA Meeting of the Commanders of the defence forces was organised at Kevadia in Gujarat. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh addressed the meeting. He cited the situation on the border and pointed out that both countries have started speaking a language of peace in different words. Making an indirect mention of the sacrifice of the Indian soldiers and the courage demonstrated by them despite the chilling winter in Ladakh, the Defence Minister indicated that China was forced to withdraw from the LAC due to this. Simultaneously, the Indian Army has taught a strong lesson to the Pakistan army who keeps on breaching the ceasefire to provide cover for terrorist infiltration. Therefore, Pakistan was reminded of the ceasefire agreement signed in 2003. Pakistan has expressed a willingness to abide by the provisions of the agreement completely. Obviously, the Indian aggressive stand is behind this, and the Defence Minister is clearly pointing to this in his statements.

The Defence Minister expressed confidence that the defence forces have the complete capability to protect the country’s interests. At the same time, he clarified that special efforts are being made to increase coordination and communication between the defence forces with these changing times. The Defence Minister said that, therefore, the sources and workforce in the country could be used more effectively. The Indian interests are entangled in unity, sovereignty, social and economic development, the country’s theoretical stand, and regional and world peace. The defence forces are committed to protecting the country’s land and integrity, which ensures the country’s economic progress and development.

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