Centre to develop Gujarat’s Bhavnagar as container hub to reduce dependence on China

New Delhi: The decision has been taken to make Bhavnagar, in Gujarat, the hub for container manufacturing. India needs nearly 350,000 containers per year. The demand for containers is growing all around the world. Despite this, containers were not being manufactured in India. India was mainly dependent on China for the supply of containers. Now, India has decided to develop a container manufacturing hub at Bhavnagar in Gujarat, under the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative. A major investment in the project is expected from the private sector, and the biggest steel manufacturer in the world, ArcelorMittal, has promised India to supply steel of the requisite grade for container manufacture.

India has a vast coastline, and the use of waterways for freight movement is increasing over the last few years. The Indian government has focused on developing ports, and the container movement through these ports is on the rise. This has also increased the demand for containers. Thinking about the future, India is trying to become Atmanirbhar in the container manufacturing sector. Union Shipping and Waterways Minister Mansukh Mandaviya informed that efforts are being taken to develop a container manufacturing hub at Bhavnagar in Gujarat.Container hub to be started at Bhavnagar in Gujarat to reduce dependence on China

The project of developing Bhavnagar as a container manufacturing hub is being undertaken on an experimental basis. Investment of nearly Rs 10 billion will be raised from the private sector for developing the container manufacturing hub in Bhavnagar. Mandaviya expressed confidence that millions of jobs will be created in this project.

There is a shortage of containers on the global level. The manufacturing hub being developed in Bhavnagar will also be necessary for fulfilling this growing demand for containers. India needs 350,000 containers. Containers were not being manufactured in India so far. China is the global leader in container manufacturing. India, too, has to depend on China for its requirements. But after this hub is developed, the Indian dependence on China will be reduced.

Ten locations have been selected to start the manufacturing facility on an experimental basis. Major efforts have been made over the last six months in Bhavnagar to start container manufacturing. For this, re-rolling and furnace industries were encouraged.

As of today, the cost of one container is Rs 350,000. If container manufacturing starts in the country, the prices of containers will also reduce, and there will be no need to import them. India can even export containers in the future. Mandaviya said that a committee has been appointed to monitor container manufacturing in the country.

The shipping industry will buy the containers manufactured in India. Meeting has already been held with the shipping industry in this respect. Mandaviya informed that discussions are also in progress with the manufacturers of steel required for container manufacture. Mandaviya said that ArcelorMittal, the largest steel company globally, has assured the steel supply of the necessary grade for container manufacturing.

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