Coronavirus pandemic intensifies in Iran

Tehran – The Coronavirus pandemic claimed 144 lives in the last 24 hours, in Iran. The total number of deaths in the pandemic, in Iran, has reached 2098. Whereas, there are a whopping 44,000 cases of Coronavirus in the country.


3,111 new cases have been reported in Iran, in the last 24 hours. The health systems and agencies are failing miserably to contain the pandemic. This has spread panic in Iran and the people are dying even because of misunderstandings and rumours.

Moreover, the United States has refused to withdraw the sanctions imposed on Iran. This is making it furthermore difficult to fight the pandemic in Iran. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani confessed that this was true. Despite this, the United States refused to withdraw the sanctions. Instead, the United States imposed fresh sanctions and issued a warning to Iran.

This has created a humanitarian crisis in Iran and the country is faced with multiple challenges like unemployment and economic slowdown along with the pandemic. The social and political effects of this are becoming visible, exerting tremendous pressure on the Iran government.

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