14,000 more US soldiers deployed in the Gulf, US Secretary of Defence Mark Esper

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Washington: Taking into account the Iranian threat, the United States has deployed 14,000 additional soldiers in the Gulf. US Secretary of Defence Mark Esper has given this information. Secretary of Defence Esper clarified that this deployment was to safeguard the interests of the United States and its allies. The importance of these statements made by Esper increased further, following the rocket attacks near a US military base near Baghdad. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo expressed annoyance over these attacks by the Iran-affiliated groups and issued a warning to Iran over these attacks.  


An attack was launched near the international airport in Baghdad. As this place is very close to the US military base, the clear indications are that the US military base was the primary target of the attack. Although there no further clarifications received, there is a thick possibility that the Iran-affiliated groups launched the attack on the US base. Currently, there are strong protests being held in Iraq against Iran. The Iran-supported government in Iraq has been deeply affected by these protests. In this situation, the Iranian military commanders are acting against the Iraqi protestors with their army units.   

This has further aggravated the protests in Iraq, and Iran is accusing that this is a conspiracy of Israel, the United States and its allies. The armed groups who support Iran in Iraq are actively trying to teach a lesson to these protestors. Doubts were expressed that Iran may target the US military bases in Iraq with the help of these groups. Iranian political and military leadership are issuing threats to that effect. Against this background, talks were making rounds that Iran was behind the attack on the US military base near Baghdad.  

US Secretary of Defence Mark Esper has clarified that the United States is fully aware of the Iranian threat. Mark Esper informed that moreover, the United States is increasing its military deployment in the Gulf. Esper said that nearly 14,000 additional US soldiers are being deployed in the Gulf. Whereas, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has issued a warning to Iran over the Baghdad attack. The US Secretary of State demanded that Iran should respect the sovereignty of the neighbouring countries and stop funding groups active in these countries.  

Iran, on the other hand, is warning the United States and Israel of retaliation against the attacks on its weapons depots in Syria and Iraq. Iran has repeatedly warned that it has the capacity to destroy Israeli cities and also that the US bases are on their target. Against this background, it is likely that Iran will not pay any heed to the demands of the US Secretary of State.

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