Coronavirus is a grave Chinese mistake, US President Donald Trump  

Washington: – US President Donald Trump castigated China saying that Coronavirus is a grave mistake committed by China. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, claimed that the Coronavirus pandemic originated from the laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Whereas, senior Senator Ted Cruise made a crushing criticism that the Coronavirus pandemic proves that China is the most prominent strategic advisory of the United States. All these reactions clearly indicate declaration of war, on a political level, against China.  


The Homeland Security Department of the United States has published a report on the Coronavirus pandemic, and the report accuses China of intentionally hiding the information regarding the extent of the epidemic. The US agency targeted China by saying ‘China consistently hid the information regarding the intensity of the epidemic and in the meantime, stocked up the medical products necessary to fight the epidemic. China contained the epidemic with the help of the same medical products.’ The US agency report also criticises that China even hid that the infection was contagious.  

This report seems to be an effort to intensify further the campaign started by the United States against China regarding the Coronavirus pandemic over the last few weeks. US President Trump is consistently lashing out at China since the previous few days. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also is continuously accusing China of being responsible for the pandemic and issuing threats that the Chinese government will have to pay for this. Other US leaders are also warning China over this issue.   

A few days ago, Nikki Haley, Former US ambassador to the United Nations, lashed out at China over the Coronavirus pandemic issue and initiated a political campaign against China. Former US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, also took a stand to maintain the pressure on the Chinese government. Now, Senator Ted Cruise has demonstrated that the political war initiated by the United States against China is intensifying. Cruise, a member of the US Congressional committee, expressed a possibility of a fundamental change in the relations between the United States and China.  

Officials from the Trump administration also have endorsed this view and have indicated that the changes may be initiated from the trade and economy sectors. The officials claimed that given the humungous losses incurred on account of China during the Coronavirus pandemic, steps would be taken to avoid dependence on China in the future. The aggressive statements of President Trump and the indications coming from the various secretaries and senior leaders indicate the hardening of the US stand in the time to come. China also seems to have got the hints of the change in the attitude of the United States. 

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