Chinese cyberattacks on Indian companies producing vaccines for Coronavirus

New Delhi: While reports are being published that China disrupted the power supply in Mumbai, last year, it has been exposed that cyberattacks had been launched against the Indian companies producing vaccines for Coronavirus from China. It has already been revealed that China is upset with the international response to the Indian vaccines for Coronavirus. Against this background, a cybersecurity company, CYFIRMA, based in Singapore and Tokyo, claimed that the Chinese hacker group is carrying out cyberattacks to get the information and research pertaining to the vaccines.


Chinese cyberattacks on Indian companies producing vaccines for CoronavirusCYFIRMA said that the Chinese hacker groups, APT10 or Stone Panda, is behind the cyberattacks on the Indian companies. CYFIRMA claimed that the Stone Panda group attempted targeting the Indian vaccine companies, Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech, exploiting the shortfalls in the technologies and software. Kumar Ritesh, the former official in the British secret service and current Chief of CYFIRMA, revealed this vital information, throwing light on the Chinese cyberattacks.

Ritesh Kumar clarified that there was a crooked Chinese conspiracy of stealing information regarding the Indian vaccines and using it to compete with the Indian vaccines behind this. Reports have been received, even in the past, that China is desperate to locate flaws in the Indian vaccines. China feels that India is superseding China as the Chinese vaccine cannot generate demand in the international market. Therefore, China is making all these efforts, including cyberattacks, surpassing India.

The success achieved by the cyberattacks is still not clear. But China has lost its credibility with this incident. The United States had already levelled the accusation in 2018 that the Hackers group ATP10 or Stone Panda is linked to the Chinese communist government.

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