Chinese military movements noticed on Sikkim border

New Delhi: – Chinese army is assembling on a large scale near the LAC, to the north of Nakula, in Sikkim. The Indian Army informed that there was a clash between the Indian and Chinese soldiers in this region. Therefore, the Indian Army is cautiously watching the activities of the Chinese army. The military analysts had already warned that after India busted the Chinese plot on the LAC in Ladakh, China will almost certainly try to pressurise India by opening another front on another part of the LAC.   

The Indian soldiers intercepted the Chinese soldiers trying to intrude through the LAC at Nakula. Many Chinese soldiers had been injured in the clash. This is the second clash between the armies of the two countries, after the clash on the LAC at Ladakh. It festered the tension on the LAC. The Indian Army revealed the information regarding the clash at Nakula on 20th January. Therefore, the former military officials and analysts predict that China will not stop short of betraying India once again seems to be coming true.   

Meanwhile, it had been exposed in the last year that the Chinese army is making large scale constructions near the LAC at Nakula. A satellite photograph published by a US company exposed that Chinese constructions were for deploying military vehicles. Now, China is trying to pressurise India by deploying more and more soldiers in the region. The Indian Army, keeping a close watch on the Chinese army, has made equivalent deployments in the region. At the same time, it is being said that the Indian military is ready to retaliate against any Chinese aggression, in the same language.   

In 2017, the Indian and Chinese armies were involved in a standoff on the Doklam border. The Chinese army had made preparations to intrude into Bhutan and acquire Bhutanese territory. But the Chinese soldiers had to retreat as the Indian soldiers intercepted them. The Indian and Chinese soldiers seem to be heading into a standoff at Nakula, near Doklam. Former Indian military officials warn that these aggressive Chinese activities could cause a conflict between the two countries, on the LAC.   

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