Days of Chinese deceit over, warns former Chief of the Army Staff  

New Delhi – Following the flareup of the conflict in the Galwan Valley, China is appealing for a peaceful resolution of the border issue. But China was speaking a similar language of peace even before the 1962 war. Therefore, China, speaking the language of resolving the border dispute with peaceful negotiations, had always been preparing for a war on the side. China had convinced the Indian political and military leadership that there was no possibility of a war against India. Former Chief of the Army Staff General JJ Singh warned that now this Chinese conspiracy has been exposed and henceforth China will not be able to fool anyone.  


Chief of the Army Staff 

The Indian Army and Airforce has increased the preparedness level, all along the Chinese border and are ready for war at any time. At the same time, India has started a spate of delivering economic jolts to China. China did not even think of such a vitriolic retaliation from India, following the Galwan Valley conflict. Therefore, initially, the Chinese government’s mouthpiece, the Global Times, had scoffed at the Indian boycott of Chinese products. Global Times had ridiculed the Indians, saying that Indians have no alternative for Chinese products. At the same time, the Global Times and Chinese statesmen were consistently claiming that India cannot face the Chinese military onslaught. China put its machinery for media campaign, to the fullest use for this purpose.  

But, given the response of the Indian government and population, it has become difficult for China to maintain its combative stand. Therefore, although China has refused to withdraw the military from the border areas, China is avoiding to take an aggressive stance against India on the political level. Former military officials, military analysts and senior statesmen are indicating that China taking a stand not to allow the border dispute to fester when the Indian Prime Minister is visiting Leh to boost the morale of the Indian soldiers, indicates that China is definitely planning something different. Former Chief of the Army Staff, General JJ Singh, has appealed that no one should get fooled by the appeals for peace made by China. For this, he has referred to the year 1962.  

Even before the 1962 war, China had successfully kept India unwary, speaking the language of peace. Even after that, China continued with its intrusion acts in the border areas, feigning that there is no possibility of a war against India. The Indian political and military leadership had believed China at that time, but now China will not be able to fool India. General JJ Singh said that even other countries have realised the Chinese deception. Other former military officials also have remarked that China is trying to pressurise its neighbouring countries, creating a bogeyman of its military might. But the Indian soldiers taught China a strong lesson in the Galwan Valley. This reduced the influence of the Chinese pressure tactics and India demonstrated its courage by making a man to man military deployment. Major repercussions of this have been felt on the international level. Former military officials and analysts are claiming that currently, China is under unprecedented pressure.   

But one cannot get fooled by the peace and negotiation proposals presented by China. India will have to rethink the policy of keeping on reacting to Chinese aggression. Analysts have advised the Indian government that a comprehensive policy will have to be drafted and implemented against China. 

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