Chinese bombers practised hitting US aircraft carrier

Washington: – Chinese bombers, as well as fighter jets, practised attacking a US aircraft carrier while it was sailing through Taiwanese waters. The US aircraft carrier was patrolling in the Taiwanese waters at the time of this practice. This increases the seriousness of the Chinese practice manifold. This was exposed through the radio frequency of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. The US intelligence agencies are pointing out that this incident took place within three days of Biden being sworn in as the United States president.   


Last week, 28 Chinese aeroplanes intruded into the Taiwanese airspace on Saturday and Sunday successively. These aircraft included long haul aircraft loaded with anti-warship missiles and bombers, along with fighter jets. Taiwanese defence ministry strongly criticised the Chinese intrusion. The tension was reigning in the region for some time because of the Chinese intrusion into the Taiwanese airspace.   

As per the information being currently released in the US and the Taiwanese media, US aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt was patrolling this region while this Chinese exercise was being carried out. The Chinese aircraft flew through the region while the US warship was sailing through the area. At the same time, the Chinese planes even practised a mock attack on the US aircraft carrier. This information, causing tension in the region, was exposed through the radio messaging of the Chinese aircraft.   

The US Indo-Pacific Command has already criticised this Chinese intrusion into the Taiwanese airspace. The United States has also said that it is committed to the security of Taiwan. After that, the Chinese defence ministry had threatened that the efforts for independent Taiwan amount to a declaration of war.   

US analyst Gordon Chang has warned that China is increasing the pressure on the Biden administration by taking an aggressive stand in the Taiwan issue. Chang has also warned that these aggressive Chinese activities are dangerous. 

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