Chinese and Russian space operations have increased the threat, warn UK defence officials

London – British defence officials have warned that Chinese and Russian space operations pose a growing threat for the space sector. The United Kingdom space command was declared fully operational on Thursday. At the event, defence officials drew attention to the dangers posed by China and Russia. There were also indications that the United Kingdom could deploy and use space weapons in the future. Last month, China and Russia announced an ambitious ‘Moon Base’.


Space, Russia, China, Britain,Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston warned regarding the Chinese threat ‘Satellite destroying technology’ is being developed by China. China has tested and demonstrated its capabilities by targeting its useless and old satellites.’ Sir Wigston noted that Russia has deployed satellites that could be used as weapons in space over the past year. These include direct-to-satellite missiles, laser weapons, electronic jamming, and direct satellite-hitting systems. British officials also claimed that Russia had moved the satellites so that another satellite could be targeted.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston said that Russian and Chinese space operations are becoming dangerous for space operations. The campaigns are being carried out very recklessly by both these countries. Their actions have been noted many times over the years. It is unknown at this time whether future wars will be fought in space. But the final win or defeat will be decided only in space. The British authorities also warned that we will not be ready when the conflict breaks out if the plan is not prepared now. Along with Wigston, Sir Patrick Sanders, the head of the United Kingdom‘s Strategic Command, also pointed to the threats in space.

Sanders said that if war breaks out in space, civilians and the military will have to face the effects. He also hinted that the United Kingdom could deploy space weapons. UK Minister for Defence Procurement, Jeremy Quinn, was also present at this time. He described the launch of the Space Command as a vital step in the United Kingdom’s defence sector. The headquarters of the British Space Command has been set up at the base of the British Air Force’s at High Wycombe. The British government has invested $1.4 billion in the space sector, with space command a key milestone. Apart from the United Kingdom, France and Germany have also set up space commands in Europe.

Western countries, including the United States, have already criticized Russian and Chinese activities in space. The officials have said that movements of these two countries are suspicious and accused that they are militarizing the space. Last year, the United Kingdom’s defence minister warned that the United Kingdom would respond to the aggression from Russia and China. In 2019, NATO also declared space to be the fifth battlefield (Domain).

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