The issue with China is their dislike for India building border infrastructure at LAC

New Delhi: – The development of infrastructure facilities on the Line of Actual Control by India, is the real problem for China. Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar claimed that this is the reason for the Chinese intrusion. Over the last few years, India has accelerated the infrastructure development projects in the border regions near China. India has increased the financial provision three times for this purpose. Moreover, the speed of project implementation has been increased four times. This has made China restless; it has initiated movements to challenge India.   


Foreign Minister Jaishankar answered queries regarding the LAC dispute in Ladakh, in a foreign ministry meeting. The meeting went on for nearly two hours. At this time, Jaishankar explained the real reason behind the dispute. India has given an impetus to infrastructure development in the border areas. Special efforts are being made to ensure that the air force movements in these regions are faster. The speed and provisions for these projects have been increased tremendously. Therefore, these projects have gained momentum. China has repeatedly raised objections over this. China had even threatened that the constructions by India on this disputed territory would have serious repercussions.   

Against this background, Foreign Minister Jaishankar said that this is the real problem for China and therefore China is attempting intrusion on the LAC to challenge India. Before 2014, the infrastructure development works near the Chinese border were slow. Analysts have already claimed that China started its movements after the projects gained momentum. China has made many attempts to stop the development projects in this region. But the Indian Army has completed the projects despite the conflict on the LAC in Ladakh. This has delivered a major shock to China.   

China has realised that subsequently, it will not be able to stop these Indian projects. Therefore, the military analysts have appealed to take cognisance that China can resort to any measures, including military action. But the Indian Army is keeping a close watch on the Chinese activities. Only a day ago, the Indian Army Chief warned China not to test the patience of the Indian Army. Defence Minister Raj Nath Singh warned that anyone trying to hurt the Indian pride would face strong retaliation.   

The Army has decided to increase the level of preparedness in Ladakh and the other states. Defence Chief General Bipin Rawat visited the LAC in Arunachal Pradesh, a few days ago. This makes it clear that the Indian Army is fully aware that China can attempt intrusion through any part of the LAC, to reduce the pressure created with the Indian deployment in the Ladakh region.   

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