China-North Korea increase defence cooperation against the background of increased tension with the United States

Third World WarBeijing: North Korea has further added to the concerns of the international community after conducting six missile tests in the last two weeks. Six North Korean military officials visited China and held extensive talks with their Chinese counterparts. It said that China and North Korea concurred on making the military cooperation, more comprehensive, between China and North Korea for the security of the Indo-Pacific sector. China and North Korea have made the United States and its allies aware that they are prepared to counter their activities in the Indo-Pacific region.


Two months ago, Chinese President, Xi Jinping visited North Korea and met North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un. The decision to strengthen the traditional military cooperation was taken, in the meeting of the two leaders. China declared that the visit of the delegation of North Korean officials, was the next phase of that decision. The Chinese official website informed that comprehensive discussions regarding increasing the military cooperation for the security of the Asia-Pacific region.

China-North Korea increase defence cooperation against the background of increased tension with the United StatesThe military cooperation between China and the North Korean dictatorial regime in continuing for seven decades. China has been accused of secretly supporting the North Korean nuclear and missile program. China has saved North Korea using the Veto, when the United States and allies had proposed sanctions against the North Korean nuclear program, in the UN security council. But after Kim Jong-Un became the dictator of North Korea, the military cooperation with China had slowed down. Dictator Kim Jong-Un had also shocked China by meeting the US President.

But the military cooperation seems to have been strengthened, once again, following the visit to North Korea of Chinese President Xi Jinping. The comprehensive discussions during the Friday meeting are said to be a part of the same effort. North Korea tested two short-range missiles on Friday itself. Japan and South Korea severely criticised these missiles, fired in the direction of Japan.

War exercises are being held between the United States and South Korea. Accusing that these war exercises are a challenge to its security, North Korea is protesting by conducting these missile tests. China, upset with the activities of the United States in the Asia-Pacific region, too, has shown the acumen to use the North Korean discontent and strengthening of military cooperation between the two countries, demonstrate the same thing.

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