Tension may rise between China-Japan relations over the Taiwan issue

China,Japan,Taiwan a country,World Health Assembly,Yoshihide Suga,japan donates Astrazeneca vaccineTokyo / Beijing – Japan has now started openly challenging China on the Taiwan issue. Earlier, it was aggressive against China on Senkaku Islands and Hong Kong issues. A few days ago, Japan had sent millions of Coronavirus vaccines to Taiwan. After that, China felt shattered since the Prime Minister of Japan has referred to Taiwan as a ‘country’ in the parliament. Following this, Japan’s parliament has passed a resolution approving Taiwan’s participation in the World Health Assembly.


Over the last few years, China-Japan relations have festered even more. Moreover, indications are being received that the tensions are rising between the two nations. Japan has taken an aggressive stance on the recurring infiltrations into the East China Sea by China, hiding the information regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, legislation imposed on Hong Kong and using its economic and military strength to create more pressure. This has led to a series of verbal clashes and conflicts between the two countries.

China,Japan,Taiwan a country,World Health Assembly,Yoshihide Suga,japan donates Astrazeneca vaccineTensions have also escalated due to the Taiwan issue, and Japan has begun to take a more aggressive stance. Japan was at the forefront of the list of countries supporting the role played by Taiwan in the initial days of the Coronavirus outbreak. The recent statement made by the Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihide Suga in parliament proves the same. Prime Minister Suga also mentioned Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand as countries that took aggressive measures to prevent the outbreak during the Coronavirus period.

China,Japan,Taiwan a country,World Health Assembly,Yoshihide Suga,japan donates Astrazeneca vaccineChina did not receive Taiwan’s mention as a country by Japanese Prime Minister. A spokesman for China’s foreign ministry angrily responded, ‘China is upset over the false statements made by Japan. An official complaint in this regard has also been lodged with Japan. From now on, Japan should be more careful in speaking and acting on the Taiwan issue. There is only one China in the world’. After China’s response, Japan clarified its position on the issue and stated that its position on Taiwan has not changed. Japan’s parliament passed a resolution endorsing Taiwan’s inclusion in the World Health Assembly within 24 hours. The resolution also appealed to the Japanese government to work with other countries to support Taiwan. Steps taken by Japan in support of Taiwan prove unsettling to China.

A few days ago, China threatened Australia, which supports Taiwan, with aggressive words. A similar reaction is likely to erupt against Japan, making analysts speculate that tensions between Japan and China will escalate.

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