Chinese envoy warns South Korea to stop interfering in US-China dispute

Seoul / Beijing: South Korea must let go of the cold war-era thinking and stop interfering in the US-China dispute, warned the Chinese envoy. Furthermore, Chinese envoy Xing Haiming warned, ‘Considering the China-South Korea relations over the last three decades, South Korea must consider China’s stance on the South China Sea and Taiwan issues.’ As the Chinese envoy warns South Korea, a US Daily published a report of South Korea developing long-range ballistic missile to target China.   


Last month, South Korean President Moon Jae-in visited the United States. During the visit, the United States had declared to increase its Technology and Defence cooperation with South Korea. At the same time, US President Joe Biden and his South Korean counterpart had extensively discussed various topics relating to China. The joint statement released by both the countries mentioned issues of the South China Sea and Taiwan.

China seems to be agitated by the South Korean stance over the South China Sea and Taiwan issue; thus, the warning by the Chinese envoy stands significant. ‘Generally, [China-Korea relations] are going in a good direction, but it is not without problems. Our good relations of the last 30 years should not be affected by Cold War-era thinking,’ warned Chinese envoy Xing Haiming. He also added that South Korea must understand China’s stance regarding the South China Sea and Taiwan.   

Furthermore, following the Chinese envoy, the Chinese foreign minister also issued a warning to South Korea. Recently, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with South Korean ministers over the phone. He expressed dissent over the United States’ policy for Indo-Pacific and South Korea’s support during the talks. Last month, in the joint statement published by the United States and South Korea, it was mentioned that this lead is significant against the background of QUAD.   

Meanwhile, South Korea can develop long-range ballistic missiles to target China and Russia in the near future, claimed The Wall Street Journal. Last month, the United States had announced lifting sanctions over South Korea’s missile capability. Thus, South Korea may now start developing long-range ballistic missiles, and this fact may prove beneficial to the United States, claimed analysts. In view of the rising Chinese military strength and North Korea’s nuclear arsenal, this development of South Korea is a key change, The Wall Street Journal published opinions of the experts. 

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