China has lost Indian trust with attack in Galwan Valley: Lieutenant General Anil Chauhan

New Delhi: – Lieutenant General Anil Chauhan, Chief of the eastern command, said that China has lost the Indian trust completely with the attack on the Indian soldiers in the Galwan Valley. After the Galwan attack, there has been no encounter between the two armies. Lieutenant General Chauhan clarified that it could take a long time to bring peace and stability to this region. Since the last few days, Indian military officials seem to be increasing pressure on China, saying that the tension on the Line of Actual Control (LAC), in Ladakh will not be defused soon.  

Following the Galwan attack, there have been no skirmishes nor have been any notable attempts of intrusion. But following the attack on the Indian soldiers in Galwan, China has completely lost Indian trust. Lieutenant General Anil Chauhan said the situation here is tensed and it will take some time to normalise.  Lieutenant General Chauhan was speaking at the National War Memorial in New Delhi. Following the Galwan Valley incident, China made massive deployments in the surrounding regions. Lieutenant General Chauhan said that these deployments have been reduced over time.   

Lieutenant General Anil Chauhan asserted that despite this the Indian military has made all the preparations to defend the country’s borders, even during winter. The Chinese soldiers are shivering in the freezing Ladakh winter. They are unable to cope with the winter in the region and the Chinese military is forced to carry out an exercise to deploy these soldiers for a day and replacing them on the next day. Therefore, it is being claimed that leave aside fighting the Indian soldiers; the Chinese soldiers are having problems in surviving the Ladakh cold. Even in this situation, China is not willing to withdraw its military. Analysts revealed that this is because the Chinese leadership is not issuing the orders.   

The Indian media are reporting that the Chinese soldiers are freezing in the Ladakh winter. But Global Times, the Chinese government daily, has commented that the problems of the Indian soldiers will not be resolved by presenting the problems faced by the Chinese soldiers. But because of these reports in the Indian as well as western media, the soldier deployment in Ladakh has become a prestige issue for China. As per some analysts, this is why the Chinese leadership is not instructing military withdrawal from Ladakh.   

The Chinese leadership is grappled with the fear that it will face the embarrassment that the Chinese military could not confront the Indian Army in the Ladakh winter. Therefore, there is no possibility of Chinese military withdrawal in the near future. Former military officials are suggesting that India should take maximum advantage of the situation and present its stand on the border dispute, very strongly.   

The Indian Army is habituated in operating in Ladakh or even Siachen, where the winter is still worse. Using this experience, the Indian soldiers can operate with ease in Ladakh. But that is not the case with the Chinese soldiers trying to intrude on the LAC. Therefore, former military officials are saying that India should take all the care not to leave any loophole for China in the border dispute.   

The Indian defence forces are aware that China may challenge India on other fronts to avenge the insult meted out on LAC in Ladakh and to maintain its prestige and therefore, the military officials are warning that the eyes of the Indian defence forces are focused on every Chinese activity. 

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