Chinese activities inciting and disturbing, US reaction on tension on Indo-Chinese border

New Delhi: The United States has criticised Chinese activities on the Indian border. Alice Wells, US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, attacked China saying that the Chinese activities are inciting, and this only shows how China is misusing its increasing military might. Wells has seemingly supported the Indian stand by accusing China of causing the tension on the Indo-Chinese border, with an unnecessary, extreme exhibition of military might. Wells pointed out that the countries with similar ideologies are uniting because of the aggressive Chinese activities in the South China Sea and on the Indian border. The reaction by Wells has stung China, and China said that political negotiations are being held with India. The Chinese foreign ministry has advised the United States to keep out of this issue.


Chinese intrusion attempts have been reported on the Indian border in Sikkim, Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh. Currently, soldiers from both countries are confronting each other in the Galwan river region, in Ladakh, and soldiers from both the sides have set up tents in the area. The military deployment in the area also has been increased. Chinese mouthpiece, The Global Times, spewed venom against India, accusing India of being responsible for the tension in the Ladakh region. It also made a counter allegation that the Indian soldiers intruded into the Chinese territory. Thereafter, on Thursday, the Chinese foreign ministry reiterated the accusation that it was the Indian soldiers, who violated the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

The Indian foreign ministry has replied to the Chinese accusations. The foreign ministry said that it was indeed the Chinese soldiers, who obstructed the Indian soldiers. Indian soldiers are fully aware of the situation at the border. Their patrolling was being carried out well inside the Indian territory, and the Indian soldiers follow the prescribed processes meticulously. The foreign ministry added that political dialogue has been going on with China in this matter and indicated that India would never compromise on its sovereignty.

Before this, a reaction was received from the United States regarding the tension created between India and China on the Ladakh border. US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Alice Wells, said that the Chinese aggression and inciting policies are responsible for the tension. Whether it is the border dispute with India or the South China sea, the Chinese modus operandi is carrying on with aggressive and inciting activities. China is claiming rights over the South China Sea. This region is rich in mineral deposits, and most of the global freight movement is passing through this region. Wells made a suggestive statement that therefore, the countries with a similar mindset are coming together against the Chinese bullying in this region.

Saying that countries with similar mindsets coming together against China, in the times of new economic restructuring since the second world war, is significant, Senior Statesperson Wells delivered an indirect message that China is playing the part that Nazi Germany played in the second world war.

Wells also made a special mention of the quad cooperation between the United States, India, Japan and Australia. Wells said that the border disputes started by China with its neighbours underlined the Chinese threat and added that China is becoming a threat for the entire world.

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