Israel is like a cancer tumour in the Middle East; crushing criticism by the Iranian President

Third World WarTehran/Jerusalem: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani criticised Israel in biting words, ‘The western countries implanted a cancer tumour in the Middle East after the Second World War to safeguard their interests. Israel is that tumour and the government in Israel is phoney.’ The Iranian President also appealed to the Arab countries to unite and break the shackles of US-Israel’s oppressive tactics. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu lashed out saying, ‘Israel is ready for retaliation against the Iranian threats. But before that, the European countries should take serious cognisance of the Iranian threats of annihilating Israel.’


Iran, bolstered by the Russian support on issues of the nuclear treaty and military deployment in Syria has initiated efforts to form an alliance of the Arab-Muslim countries against the United States and Israel. The Iranian President criticised the United States and Israel while addressing a meeting of 350 representatives from 100 Arab-Muslim countries held in Tehran for this purpose. Rouhani accused, ‘The western countries created Israel after the Second World War to maintain their grip on the Gulf region. The United States established cooperation with the Gulf countries to safeguard the Israeli interests.’

israel, benjamin netanyahu, tumour, rouhani, iranThe Iranian President targeted Saudi and its allies saying that “Bowing to the pressure from the United States is an act of treachery for the Gulf countries.” Although the Iranian President did not name any country, he was apparently, targeting Saudi Arabia, who is trying to collaborate with Israel to open a front against Iran. Moreover, Rouhani appealed to the Arab-Muslim countries to break the shackles of the pressures from the United States and Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu replied to this criticism by the Iranian President. Netanyahu said that Israel is well aware of how to protect itself from this murderous government in Iran. The Israeli President warned that Israel would retaliate against Iran at the right time. But Netanyahu retorted that the European countries should change their stance about Iran, which is talking the language of annihilating Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu appealed to the European countries to support the sanctions imposed against Iran while asking, ‘How can the European countries justify the Iranian nuclear program when it is talking about annihilating Israel?’

Meanwhile, there are two factions created over the Iran nuclear deal, and the European countries have continued supporting Iran. Saudi Arabia and Israel are strongly supporting withdrawal from the nuclear deal and the sanctions imposed against Iran. Against this backdrop, US President Trump had suggested that Israel and Saudi Arabia should form a combined front against Iran. This reaction is apparently from the Iranian President who is disturbed by the appeal made by President Trump.

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