Bangladesh PM thanks India for the aid

New Delhi: – Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, thanked the Indian Prime Minister, for the aid provided during this ongoing Coronavirus crisis. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina expressed gratitude for the aid, during the telephonic discussion, between the two leaders. India has announced an aid of $1.5 million for any SAARC country like Bangladesh, for the fight against Coronavirus. India also supplied mobile medical equipment to the SAARC countries and supplied nearly 2 million Hydroxychloroquine tablets to Bangladesh. Against this background, the gratitude expressed by the Bangladesh Prime Minister will lead to further strengthening of the bilateral ties.


Although the financial transactions and freight movement, have come to a standstill, all over the world, India and Bangladesh are continuing bilateral exchange of essential commodities through rail water and road routes. Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina expressed satisfaction regarding this. There also was a mutual exchange of information, regarding the efforts being taken by the respective countries in the fight against Coronavirus. India has supplied 2 million tablets of the drug, Hydroxychloroquine, proved to be the most effective in treating Coronavirus cases. India has also announced an aid of $15 billion for the SAARC countries and it has been clarified that a part of this will be received even by Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Prime Minister expressed gratitude for the Indian gesture and thanked the Indian Prime Minister.

All the SAARC countries, except Pakistan, have expressed gratitude regarding the aid provided by India, during the current Coronavirus crisis. Therefore, it seems that Pakistan, always trying to corner India, by raising the Kashmir issue, has itself been cornered this time. Not only Pakistan but China, who is making desperate efforts to increase its influence over the SAARC countries, has also been severely jolted. There is a misbelief regarding China, for hiding the information regarding Coronavirus for a substantial period and the international image of China has become a symbol of betrayal. The Indian image has been spruced up, for supplying aid, medical equipment and medicines to countries around the world.

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