Russia and US defence chiefs agree on establishing ‘safe zones’ in Syria

Washington/ Moscow: The ‘Safe zones’ declared in the four regions of Syria have established an entry barrier for fighter planes and cooperation between the US and Russian planes while carrying out any operations against terrorist groups in Syria As informed by Russian defence ministry, an agreement has been reached between the Ministers of Defence of Russia and the US on these two important points. This agreement to ban conflicts, between Russia and the US is believed to be of strategic importance.

The top US military officer, General ‘Joseph Dunford’ and the Russian military chief of staff, General ‘Valery Gerasimov’ had a telephonic discussion on Saturday. Both the Generals primarily discussed on establishing ‘safe zones’ in Syria, as informed by the Russian defence ministry. Meanwhile, as reported by the Russian media, the two generals also discussed on strategies to avoid future conflicts in Syria.

Apart from this, the agreement signed in October 2015 between Russia and the US, has also come in force. As per the agreement, the Russian and the US fighter planes are not to engage in a face-off in the Syrian conflict and that both countries would necessarily notify the other before conducting any air strikes in Syria. A few months ago, the Russian and the US fighter planes had a confrontation in Syria.

In the last month, the Russian fighter planes had carried out air strikes in the northern part of Syria. The strikes launched were close to the US troops deployment base, as claimed the US armed forces. However, Russia had denied carrying out any such strikes in the region. Under such circumstances, for the success of the no conflict and ‘safe zone’ agreement in Syria, the chief of staff of Russia and the US had agreed to bring it into effect two years ago. This is the second discussion between General Dunford and General Gerasimov in last three months. Previously, the two generals had also met in Moscow.

Meanwhile, Russia, Iran, and Turkey have agreed to a memorandum establishing ‘safe zones’ at Astana, the capitol city of Kazakhstan in the last week. Idlib, Latakia, Homs and Aleppo are the four areas designated ‘safe zones’ that have been agreed upon wherein no air or military strikes can be carried out.

Previously, US president Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, had discussions over a telephonic conversation. Both the presidents had agreed on establishing ‘safe zones’ in Syria.

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