Air Force Chief participates in Balakot style air exercises

New Delhi: Two years have been completed since the Indian airstrike on the Jaish-e-Mohammed base in Balakot in Pakistan. The Indian Air Force (IAF) held similar air exercises, and IAF Chief RKS Bhadauria participated himself. The exercises seem to be like another warning for Pakistan. While information regarding this is being published, Chief of Northern Command of the Indian Army, Lieutenant General YK Joshi, made an important announcement that the counter-terrorism action in Jammu and Kashmir will not be stopped even after talks start on with Pakistan.


Air Force Chief participates in Balakot style air exercisesPakistan military officials accepted to adhere to a ceasefire on the Line of Control (LoC) during their discussion with the Indian military officials over the hotline. While two years are being completed to the Balakot strike, Pakistan’s initiative to start a dialogue and cooperation with India becomes extremely important. For the last few weeks, Pakistan Prime Minister and the military chief are proposing to hold talks with India. At the same time, Pakistan was complaining that India is not responding to its requests. Against this background, the concurrence regarding the ceasefire on the LoC between Indian and Pakistani military officials becomes a significant development.

Pakistan claimed that India expressed a willingness to change its stance for these talks. Some of the Pakistani media and analysts discuss whether India will reverse the withdrawal of Article 370 as per the Pakistani demand. In this scenario, India is reprimanding Pakistan in stern language. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and Home Minister Amit Shah congratulated the Indian defence forces on completing two years for the Balakot strike. Thereafter, IAF Chief RKS Bhadauria participated in air exercises, similar to the Balakot strike, in a Mirage 2000 fighter jet.

Air Force Chief participates in Balakot style air exercisesReports of the exercises have been received, and India has apparently demonstrated its might to Pakistan once again. There has been a substantial addition to the strength of the IAF in the last two years. Rafale fighter jets have been inducted into the IAF, which seems to have created immense pressure on Pakistan. Not only this, more of Rafale and other fighter jets will be inducted into the IAF shortly. At the same time, India has proved that it has the courage to enter Pakistan and carry out strikes. Effects of all this are visible in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Chief of Northern Command of the Indian Army, Lieutenant General YK Joshi, announced that the action against terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir would not stop under any circumstances. Lieutenant General Joshi clarified that although talks may start between India and Pakistan, it does not mean that the action against terrorists will be stopped. Therefore, a clear message is being delivered that India is not compromising to start talks with Pakistan.

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