Afghan Diplomat killed in Pakistan

In Pakistan’s city of Karachi, a senior Afghan diplomat at the Afghanistan embassy was gunned down. Afghan ambassador to Pakistan Omar Zakhilwal criticized it by calling it a major crime. While the political ties between the two countries of Pakistan and Afghanistan were already strained, the killing of the Afghan diplomat strains their ties even more.    


Afghan Diplomat killed in Pakistan

On Monday at around 12.30 noon, the security guard in Afghani embassy fired at the political diplomat Mohammad Zaki Uro, killing Uro on the spot. One more Afghan officer got injured in the firing. The security guard, Rehmat Ullah who fired the bullets has been taken into custody. Pakistani security agencies claims it to be the shooting as a result of a personal dispute and that that it was not a terrorist attack. Also, Afghanistan has sent a special team to investigate the details deeply. Later,  the security around Afghan embassy and embassies in Karachi has been increased. 

Since last few months, the relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan have been strained. Also, tensions between both the countries persist and even there are disagreements on political level too. To ease this tension, a Pakistani parliamentarian team was about to visit Afghanistan. They were to meet their Afghani counterparts to discuss their strained relationship. Similarly, even Pakistan were to invite Afghanistan consulate. But before this could happen, the killing of the Afghan diplomat has disrupted the process.

Both the Afghanistan government and their security agencies are accusing Pakistan for the terrorist attack in their country. Afghani agencies also allege that Pakistan is taking no action against elements causing terrorist attacks in Afghanistan. Pakistan further criticizes that those attacking Pakistani army are getting protection in Afghan border areas. The border issues between the two countries are also an important matter of dispute.        

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