Chinese state media lashes out at Indians over NSG-issues

It was rules, not China that prevented India’s NSG membership. Ten members opposed India’s entry to the NSG. But spoilt by the West, self-centred and self-seeking India just refuses to go by the rules. Moreover, it is only to contain China that the US is cosying up to India” says an article in the ‘Global Times’, the mouthpiece of the Chinese government hitting out at India. Criticising the Indian public’s reaction to the failed NSG bid, the article remarks that its nationalism leaned towards extremism.


“The details of the discussions in the NSG meeting over India’s membership have not been revealed. Although a few other nations apart from China did oppose India’s entry to NSG, they eventually withdrew their objections. China however, stood its ground, firm by the rules to oppose India’s NSG membership” states the article continuing its attack. The comment made by the spokesperson of the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that it was the objection of just one nation that was responsible for India not entering the NSG, has evoked continual justification from China. The Chinese Ministry for Foreign Affairs has insisted that a few other nations too had voiced their objection to India’s NSG membership. The article in the Global Times even claimed that China’s objection to India’s entry to the NSG was morally legitimate.

India’s ‘Gross Domestic Product’ (GDP) is only 20% of that of China’s and yet India is the golden boy in the eyes of the West. The West has spoiled India making it smug. The fact is that the US is using India to contain China. But the US is not the whole world and the endorsement of the US does not mean the ultimate win and that fact India needs to understand’, advised the article in the ‘Global Times’.

After the NSG denied entry to India, some Indians, in a bid to make an extremist kind of show of their nationalism, have begun to demand a ban on Chinese products. Some even hinted that India should exit the ‘BRICS’. The article slams these demands calling them childish. India gained entry to the ‘Missile Technology Control Regime’ (MTCR) but that did not even cause a ripple in China as its citizens were mature and their government, well-aware of how to deal with these issues. India aims at becoming a global power but the Indian public must first mend its ways and learn how major powers play their game, adds the hard hitting article.

Launching an attack on the Indian public on the one hand, the article appreciates the restraint exercised by the Indian government on the other. Talks between the Indian and China are on even now and a decision out of anger was what India could not afford, it warned. The Chinese state media have, even in the past, launched scathing attacks on India. In fact, it was the Global Times again, that had commented that India was acting like a beautiful woman who wanted to be wooed by the US and by China at the same time.

China, who earns billions of dollars through bilateral trade with India but denies trade concessions to it, has, over the past few months, become more aggressive than ever with respect to its anti-India approach. Falling back on rules, China had stood in the way of action on the part of the UN against Hafeez Saeed and Masud Azhar.

Besides, preventing India’s entry to NSG, China has invited the wrath of the Indians. Although the Indian government still is open to talks, the Indian public would like China to be taught a lesson. The article however, also expresses China’s cynicism.

The adulation that India receives from the West and the commendable performance of the Indian economy in contrast with that of China which is feeling the quivers along with that of a few other nations, all add to China’s despair. India’s growing FDI and multinational companies stepping out of China are factors that fuel China’s anxiety. China’s hostility towards India has therefore become sharper and that is exactly what the article in the Global Times mirrors.     

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