345 killed in the conflict between government and rebels in Libya; concerns over the threat to oil production raised

Third World WarTripoli: 345 people have been killed in the ongoing conflict that broke out a month ago between the rebels and government forces to take over the Libyan capital of Tripoli. Since the last few days Tripoli has been pounded with airstrikes, and the Libyan government accused the fighter jets from Arab nations for these attacks. In response to these strikes, the Libyan government has reportedly used anti-aircraft guns as also has deployed warships. In the meanwhile, the Libyan National Oil Corporation has expressed concerns that the conflict has threatened the country’s oil productions.

libyan government, tripoli, rebelsSince the last month from April 4, the conflict between the government forces and the rebels led by General Haftar has been initiated. The rebels aim at taking control of capital Tripoli and establishing their rule in Libya, and therefore the rebels have been consistently attacking Tripoli, for the last one month thereby killing 345 people and 1652 injuring. Until now the rebels, who were using mortars, rockets and missiles are soon launching airstrikes, claim the Libyan government. But the Libyan government has accused that foreign fighter jets were involved in the airstrike, carried out four days ago.

The Libyan government claimed that the fighter jets involved in the airstrike were from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Libyan government also accused that European countries, mainly France support the Arab countries carrying out these attacks. Libyan Internal Security Minister Fathi Bashagha criticised saying, “At a time, when France needs to stand up for the democracy in Libya, the French government is supporting the terrorists.”

The Libyan rebels, in turn, have declared the Libyan government as terrorists and have announced that Tripoli will soon be freed from these terrorists. The Libyan government has appealed to the United Nations for an investigation into these airstrikes. Neither the Libyan rebels nor Saudi-UAE has offered any explanation in this regard. But it was reported, a few weeks ago, that General Haftar held a meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. There were claims that France had contacted General Haftar.

Nevertheless, the conflict between the government and the rebels in Libya has reached the maritime region. After the airstrikes in Tripoli, the rebels despatched a destroyer in the direction of the oil-rich port of Ras Lanuf whereas, the Libyan government too, has deployed destroyers for the defence of the oil stocks in the port. Therefore, the conflict to take over the oil stocks is likely to flare up, threatening oil production.

Turkey will not allow Libya to be another Syria, Turkish President Erdogan

Ankara: Although there is an elected government in Libya, the rebels, with support from the Arab and European countries, are trying to gain control in Libya, alleged Turkish President Erdogan. The Turkish President declared its support to the Libyan government in such circumstances and also said that he would not allow Libya to become another Syria.

Turkey has always taken a stand against the Assad government in the Syrian conflict whereas, in Libya, Turkey has adopted a policy, to support the ruling Libyan government. Further, President Erdogan said that Turkey would strive to avoid bloodshed and anarchy in Libya.

But the Turkish efforts are not able to stop the conflict in Libya, and the conflict has reached a disastrous state.


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