338 terrorists killed in Syrian conflict, Russian military informs

Moscow: – Over the last 20 days, the Syrian military killed 338 terrorists in its actions. As per the Russian military, this is the biggest action taken by the Syrian army until now. Presidential elections are scheduled to be held in Syria in two weeks. The Syrian army seems to have started a comprehensive action against the terrorists, given this.   


As per the Russian military spokesman’s information, 23 April onwards, the Syrian military started its action against the terrorists. 338 terrorists were killed, 44 were arrested in this period. 20 explosives prepared by the terrorists for attacks, were seized and six live bombs were deactivated. Huge weapon hauls also have been seized. The military destroyed 45 locations of the terrorists. The Russian air force, deployed in Syria, assisted the Syrian army in its actions.   

Presidential elections have been announced in Syria. It is being predicted that President Assad will emerge victorious, once again, in the elections to be held on 26 May. The terrorists have planned large scale attacks in Syria. Admiral Alexander Karpov, Deputy Chief of The Russian Command in Syria, informed that the plot was to attack the government offices.  

Karpov said that the terrorists are being imparted military training at their base in Al-Tanf. The Homs province, in western Syria, is not under government control. The US military dominates this province. The control over the Homs province is considered important. The road connecting the western parts of Syria to the capital Damascus passes through the Homs province.   

Meanwhile, Russia has announced its naval base expansion in Syria. The Russian military informed that construction would be started for expansion of the Tartus port. Russia also plans to build a floating dock for repairs and maintenance of destroyers and other ships. A few days ago, Russia completed the work of broadening the airstrip at the Hemim airport. Therefore, it is evident that Russia is expanding its military bases in Syria.   

While the Syrian and Russian military has increased their attacks on the terrorist bases, Turkey also has initiated attacks on the Aleppo province in northern Syria. As per Turkey, terrorist bases in these areas are being targeted. But a Syrian news channel accused that the Turkish military and mercenaries are attacking civilian settlements.   

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