15 Pak soldiers and 8 terrorists were killed in the Indian attack three days ago, claims intelligence agency

Srinagar: – The Indian military destroyed terrorist bases, their arms depots and posts of the Pakistan military in Pakistan occupied Kashmir with incessant artillery shelling with Bofor guns. Although Pakistan is not uttering a single word regarding the immense losses incurred, it is exposed that 15 Pakistani soldiers and eight terrorists were killed in the attack. As per the report of the Indian intelligence agencies, Pakistan suffered huge losses in the attack. Agitated by the attacks, Pakistan is resorting to attacks in civilian settlements in India, and three civilians including a two-and-a-half-year-old girl were killed in these firing incidents on Sunday. The Indian Army is retaliating aptly to Pakistani aggression.


Currently, the major conflict has broken out near the Line of Control. Pakistan is desperately trying for terrorist infiltration into India. The intelligence agencies reported that nearly 200 to 250 terrorists are in the waiting, across the border, to infiltrate into India. Pakistan firing on the Line of Control is with the sole purpose of facilitating the terrorist infiltration. The Indian Army foiled a major infiltration attempt by the terrorists on the 5th of April. But five Indian soldiers were martyred on that day, during an encounter with the terrorists. Thereafter, the Indian Army undertook a massive operation in the Sharada, Dudhani and Shakot region in the valley of the Kishanganga river in the Keran sector.

The Indian Army also published a video taken with a drone of the action taken with incessant firing with the 155 mm Bofors Howitzer guns and 105 mm field artillery guns. This prevented Pakistan from saying that no attacks took place. Although the Pakistan military accepted the attacks, they tried to hide the losses making a fuss that the Indian Army attacked civilian settlements.

But only terrorist bases, there ammunition depots and posts of the Pakistani military were destroyed in the attacks. At the same time, Pakistan had to suffer massive casualties. As per the Indian intelligence agencies, 15 soldiers and eight terrorists were killed in the attack.

Meanwhile, Pakistan, infuriated with this attack, started targeting the civilian settlements near the Line of Control in India. Three people, including a two-and-a-half-year-old girl, were killed in the mortar shelling and firing by the Pakistani military. Indian Army forcefully replied to this Pakistani aggression. Pakistan accepted that the Indian Army targeted the Borah, Dudhani, Rakhchikri and Chirikot regions. But even this time, the Pakistan military has been crying hoarse that the Indian attacks targeted civilian settlements. They also claimed that three civilians were killed in the attack. Majid Malik, the President of the Jammu-Kashmir People’s Movement in Pakistan, is making a fuss that the Indian military is fighting an undeclared war on the Line of Control.

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